Terms Of Service
On this site, we may be referred or stated as "Our", "Us", "We" and other variants. We may also refer to the person or party that has purchased a product from as "You", "Client", "Customer".

Breaking or not following any of our terms and conditions, will result in an instant termination of your product and or service if we decide to. You will also forfeit any chance of refunds and result in an instant deactivation of your billing account. We're not held responsible for you failing to abide by these terms of service.
We reserve the right to immedaitely terminate your product, service or account at any time upon the immediate violation of any of our terms and services, or any basis that we choose. If any website / person is found abusing any of our products / services we sell, we have the right to suspend or terminate your server or account.

Your service / product will immediately be deleted after the termination, including the files.
All of our services include a 72 hour refund policy. After the first 72 hours of the website being live, we won't be offering any sort of refund. If we believe that a person is abusing our refund system we may hold the refund for up to 14 business days or it will be paid out via WHMCS Account Credit.

You may cancel any of your services / products at any time, however if you cancel the service / product outside of the 72 hours, we will not refund.
Once your service is down, we're immediately trying to get the service / product back up. If the service is down through user generated mistakes we are not held responsible and do NOT have to offer any compensation. We are also not responsible if you lose money due to the service being down.

We have no choice over a DDoS attack and so for we are not held responsible for a DDoS creating downtime on our service. However, we may offer compensation for people who face downtime issues on our behalf.
5. DAta LOSS works to provide each client with Unlimited SSD Storage. If your service uses a large amount of storage, we will automatically contact you. As our service can NOT be used for a storage unit / place to store your personal files.

We are not held responsible for any issues of data loss you may find. We are constantly telling our clients to backup their files as many times as possible in case of such issue. If data is lost from the hosts side, we try our best to recover the data. If we can't, we will compensate the client in a way.
6. Purpose of service
Unless stated to the contrary of our services are intended to be used for the purpose of hosting websites, emails and things alike. Batch processing, video encoding/trans coding, web crawling/spidering are all not allowed on our service. We also will not allow our services to be used as Storage Devices.